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Welcome to Pen Stenography and Machine Shorthand forums!
This is a Gregg Shorthand Community Board with a variety of other shorthand forums available so that members who have questions about a shorthand type can obtain accurate information from professional representatives, trainers or teachers for that shorthand type.
Other Shorthand Types - English
     A variety of other English shorthand types i.e. Teeline, Pitman, EasyScript...
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Introduce Yourself!
  Welcome to the forum boards! Tell us a little about yourself, your shorthand background and how you came across this site. Thank you.
Moderator:  Lily 
2 2 * I'm Your Moderator, Lily
    (Lily) - 07/22/07 09:28 AM
Other Shorthand English - Gallery
  This gallery is for all shorthand types that are NOT Gregg Shorthand. Shorthand writings are fun for everyone!
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    - New Forum
  AlphaHand was developed in the 1980s and is based on the principles of Pitman.
Moderator:  Lily 
1 1 * AlphaHand Moderators
    (Lily) - 06/02/07 12:34 PM
  Unique alternative to traditional shorthand. So easy and simple anyone can master. It's proven and effective. Only half-day to learn and build speed quickly. Apply immediately in any field. User-friendly to tailor to your style and application.
Moderator:  Brigitte 
1 1 * EasyScript Moderators
    (Brigitte) - 06/18/07 04:47 PM
  Eclectic shorthand (sometimes called "Cross shorthand") was founded by J.G. Cross. This shorthand is seldom used but is noteworthy as one of the most complex systems of writing ever devised.
Moderator:  Lily 
1 1 * Eclectic Moderators
    (Lily) - 06/02/07 12:37 PM
Machine Shorthand
  Modern technology has brought us machine reporting...
Moderator:  JamesMoyerCSR 
1 1 * Machine Sh Moderators
    (Lily) - 06/02/07 12:38 PM
  Pitman Shorthand was developed by Sir Isaac Pitman (18131897), who first presented it in 1837.
Moderator:  SRenukasteno2007 
4 9 * Re: Court document from So...
    (DesertMan) - 03/28/09 06:48 PM
Pitman (Private)
  Organizing and preparing lesson plans, testing rooms...
Subforums: Pitman Gallery (Private)
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    - New Forum
  With Speedwriting, 90% of people who failed at symbol shorthand succeed with Speedwriting Shorthand! With Speedwriting you will be writing simple shorthand after only fifteen minutes of study.
Moderator:  Lily 
2 2 * Speedwriting Links
    (Casper) - 07/15/07 12:58 PM
  Stenoscript, a-b-c shorthand, by M.C. Avancena which was 1st published in 1950 under title: Thirty day shorthand.
Moderator:  Lily 
1 1 * StenoScript Moderators
    (Lily) - 06/02/07 12:40 PM
  The T-Script shorthand created by Roy Tabor from the UK, is a unique method designed to meet different user needs. It can be written at 2 levels, Professional (high speed reporting) and Alpha (class & meeting notetaking).
Moderator:  Lily 
1 1 * T-Script Moderators
    (Lily) - 06/02/07 12:41 PM
  Teeline is a shorthand system accepted by the NCTJ, an organisation for journalists in the United Kingdom. It is adaptable to a variety of languages but is mainly only used within the Commonwealth. It was developed in 1970 by James Hill, a teacher of Pitman Shorthand.
Moderator:  Lily 
2 2 * Teeline Links
    (Casper) - 07/15/07 01:25 PM
Thomas Natural
  Thomas Natural shorthand was created by Charles A. Thomas and published in 1935. Thomas described his system as "designed to meet the existing need for a simple, legible shorthand that is based on already familiar writing lines, and that is written with a minimum number of rules."
Moderator:  Lily 
1 1 * Thomas Nat Moderators
    (Lily) - 06/02/07 12:43 PM
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