Found some interesting related sites for the Gregg Shorthand Clan!

An article by A.Kreitzman on the history and development of shorthand.

An article covering the general historical development of shorthand. Illustrations are given for Gregg, Pitman, Graham, Musson, Lindsley and Cross systems. There's a separate article on Gregg shorthand.

A short explanation on the history of shorthand; very brief.

A brief article about Gregg shorthand and the different versions. It also lists other useful links to other Gregg shorthand related sites.

Talks about older shorthand methods. Pitman and Gregg shorthand methods are also explained including the alphabets.

Mostly on shorthand development. Has tips for increasing shorthand writing speed, advice on learning shorthand, information on techniques for taking notes and creating your own abbreviations. Includes other links to more shorthand websites.

Mostly Pitman with Gregg references. This site has shorthand products, news and additional shorthand tips.