Hi everybody!
I am prof. Waldir Cury, a retired parliamentary reporter and now a teacher of shorthand. I worked as a reporter at the Legislative Assembly in Rio de Janeiro for 35 years. That means I have a lot of practical and personal experience in the subject. I could say that all my experience as a parliamentary stenographer was quite an enjoyable, exciting and unforgettable experience! The last 10 years of my work was even more exciting as I performed an important role as a proofreader. What a task! What a responsibility! Looking for errors, looking for a most appropriate word, having to rewrite a sentence or a whole paragraph, writing in a different way in order to improve it or to add some relevant information forgotten, trying at last to convert the spoken speech into a suitable written text.
Working as a private teacher of shorthand is a not less exciting experience! To each student of shorthand I have to discover and develop a new approach. Each student has a way of learning, a way of behaving, has his peculiar way of understanding and his own doubts. I don’t remember whether it was Socrates or Aristotle who has said “I have much learnt with my teachers, but more have I learnt with my pupils”. I learn much with my students. I pay attention and write down every single question they ask, every single doubt they have, and all misunderstandings about a signal or a rule. This behavior of myself as a teacher makes me live in a constant and refreshing improvement of my method of teaching, as well of the improvement of the Maron System itself. As a matter of fact, many improvements in the System were suggested by the students or were a result of their doubts.
Now a new experience: to be a moderator. It will certainly be a pleasure to me to be able to answer the questions. But not only that. It will also be a pleasure to see what ideas, suggestions and information the members of this community have.
So, here am I and I am ready to help you in any way I can!