ShorthandClasses.Com is now leasing space for shorthand teachers and instructors to build their shorthand classes from a new, Moodle Teaching Platform.  :)

Listed below are the “Teacher” qualifications needed for teaching from ShorthandClasses.Com website.   Qualifications must include one or more of the following:

Teacher Qualifications

  • Has State certification for the subjects he or she is teaching.
  • Is currently or has previously been a shorthand teacher (includes retirees) in a high school, college, adult training program, online teaching website or educational institution.
    • May include previous experience as a Distance Learning Instructor, Virtual Online Tutor or Group Trainer.
    • Otherwise, has at least 20 years of active stenography experience and knowledgeable experience for subject teaching.
  • Has Baccalaureate Degree major and/or any other certifications or degrees.
  • Is a Paraprofessional and has a High School Diploma or GED. Must also have at least two years of college or an Associate’s Degree.
    • Paraprofessionals working solely as Shorthand Translators must have a High School Diploma or GED. No requirement to meet the rest of the Paraprofessional requirements stated above.
To begin, create an account and login. Contact Ms. Letha Sanders for inquiries or to start building right away.  Scholastic and business-related courses welcome!  Thank you.

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