Dear Comrades

I have started Pitman shorthand courses on the ShorthandClasses.Com website.

You can locate my course from the catalog listing at Look for the Pitman section under "Other Shorthand Types."

In the near future, this course will be available in three stages.

  • The first one is pitman shorthand foundation section which will familiarize you with the Pitman system; knowing and drawing strokes clearly, sounds, principles of writing etc.
  • The second one is Pitman shorthand standard course, to write speed besides learning of entire principles, using phreasography, contractions etc., and to write speed without seeing shorthand instructor etc.
  • The third one is Pitman shorthand advanced course, which helps writer to write at least a minimum of 80wpm without any hesitation and doubt in principles, position and outlines.
All required help is rendered online. Even Skype can be used directly from within the classroom.

Until the classroom is open for enrollment, students who are interested may contact me through email and through their Skype ID.

I welcome all the students to learn Pitman shorthand, a useful and beautiful art of writing English words in artistic manner. Besides it keeps confidential our words.

Mrs. Renuka Williams
Pitman Shorthand Instructor