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Music Dictation is configured differently in shorthand WPM than Audio Dictation simply because most songs will include time lapses at the beginning and end of the song as well as instrumental breaks or timed pauses throughout the song stanzas.  Taking dictation in this way is a fun experience but does NOT give the truest shorthand WPM speed, unless these areas are removed from the total time of the song and a new time length recalculated.  In conclusion, music dictation will never be as accurate as audio dictation, but can be calculated close enough for quality practice time when wanting to build on shorthand speed.  ShorthandClasses.Com has done this tedious task for you and the calculation table is even displayed for your critique and reference.

You can be confident that all songs posted from this website have been carefully calculated beforehand to provide you with the most accurate shorthand speed possible for music dictations.  In other words, the shorthand speed displayed for each song represents the writing speed at the time you are writing, which is considered "real time" shorthand speed and the closest accuracy for configuring music dictation.

Make your shorthand practice time an enjoyable, fun experience by using these music dictation rooms as often as you can.  Dictation is dictation in many forms; take advantage of the variety and enjoy!

The steps taken to calculate shorthand WPM for each song is explained with a short "Word Description" followed by the "Number" example(s) shown in brackets.  The first test-song used was "Amazing Grace."

  1. Original song length in mm:ss  [4:21]
  2. Convert whole minutes into seconds  [4x60=240]
  3. Add remaining seconds to the minute seconds for Total Seconds  [21+240=261]
  4. From lyrics, subtract total musical instrumental breaks (in seconds) from the Total Seconds  [261-8=253]
  5. Convert Total Seconds into Total Minutes  [253/60=4.22]
  6. Convert Total Minutes into New Song Time in mm:ss format as follows:
        a.   4.22 is total minutes
        b.   Convert total minutes remainder (.22) to new
                  seconds  [.22x60=13]
        c.   Replace minutes remainder (.22) with new seconds
                  4.22 Total Minutes is converted to 4 mins
                  and 13 secs  [4.22=4.13]
  7. From lyrics, obtain the # for Total Document Words at page bottom  [162w]
  8. Subtract all Non-Dictation Words from the Total Document Words #  [162-10=152w]
             Non-Dictation Words include:
        a.   # of words in song title [Amazing Grace]
        b.   # of words for singer  [Sung by: Judy Collins]
        c.   # of words used in timing instrumental breaks
                [End Timer: 3 seconds]
             Total Non-Dictation Words:  [10 words to subtract]
  9. Figure shorthand speed.  Total Dictation Words divided by Corrected Song Time  [152/4.13=37wpm]

Please contact our Shorthand Staff should you need clarification on these calculations.  Thank you.

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