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Are you tired of trying to keep up with the conversation while taking notes or minutes? In this age of ever-increasing speed and productivity, how can we establish effective writing and communication skills to keep up with the hectic pace?

The ability to collect and retain information can make or break the effectiveness of meetings, seminars, and lectures. We can only listen effectively to the material being presented if we are not scrambling to keep up with what was said minutes ago!

Speedwriting is a form of stenography which is based on existing words and letters, and abbreviations we already know. It is different from most other shorthand/speedwriting systems because there are no new symbols to learn or remember. Once you know the basic rules, you can use speedwriting to more quickly write every word in the English language.

Speedwriting lets the communication flow easily from thought to thought, without getting bogged down in the process. All types of written material can be improved with this process.

Speedwriting in the Workplace

We have all been envious of the co-worker who always seems to stay ahead of the game at the morning meeting. He or she takes a minimum of notes, just a few scratches, really, and interacts with the speaker, keeping eye contact. This behavior shouts "promotability!"

We are also aware of how time-consuming it is to communicate effective and professionally. Even though we live in an era of technology, we seem to be buried under more and more paper. With speedwriting, not only are your notes streamlined and organized, but also less clutter means less confusion. You will no longer stare at your traditional notes, with words crammed on the page, and cryptic messages in the margins.

In fact, speedwriting can be applied to all facets of your life, from taking phone messages to journaling to brainstorming. What will you do with your extra time?

What does speedwriting look like?

Below are abbreviated and full versions of the same text, using the EasyScript method of speedwriting:

John Hancock recently purchased
training classes in the EasyScript
At the end of the program
students were able to take dictation up
to 40 wpm and could immediately use
it in performing their jobs.
People who have shorthand skills prior to this training have reported that EasyScript
can be integrated with their existing
The number of associates
signed up for this program has
considerably exceeded our expectations.
Although this training was targeted for
secretaries, associates with a wide
variety of job titles have registered.
The feedback from those who completed the course is extremely good.
We recommend without reservation EasyScript for anyone.

John Hancock rcny purcd
traig clas n h ES
@ h end o h pgra
studs wr abl t tke dich up
t 40 wpm d cld imedy use
it n pforg thr jbs.
Ppl who hv s/hnd skls prir t
thi traig hv rpord tht ES
cn b itegd wth thr exisg
H numr o asocts
sigd up fr thi pgra hs
csidby xced ou xpechs.
Alth thi traig ws targd fr
secrs, asocts wth a wde
vary o jb titls hv rgisrd.
H f/bk fm thos who cpled h
cour s xtremy gd.
W rcom w/out rservh
ES fr a/one.

Want to learn more?

  • Take an on-line class, ‘How to Take Fast Notes with EasyScript’, at You can work at your own pace, complete practice exercises, and get feedback from an instructor.

  • Order self-study kits and additional resources. For more information, e-mail

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Brigitte is a Learning and Development specialist and Master Trainer with Advance Corporate Training Ltd. (ACT). ACT has been providing training and consulting in leadership, communication, business development and organizational systems since 1990. We are based in New Westminster, BC, Canada - very close to Vancouver.

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