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I like to teach shorthand

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Teaching Shorthand

I like to teach shorthand not only for professional purposes but also as a hobby (that is, an activity that you do for pleasure) and mostly as a very powerful exercise for the brain. In this respect shorthand is great! Nothing can be compared to it. You hear a sound and at the same time you put into action synapses that will transform this sound very quickly into a sign or abbreviation. This work of the brain cells is done in a fraction of a second. This conversion from sounds to signs is processed in the brain. That's why we say "shorthand speed is in the brain".
In order to optimize my shorthand teaching method I have developed a wider range of interesting exercises. I have tried to be not too formal, not monotonous, not boring. And I guess I have succeeded, according to the people who are doing the shorthand online course available on my shorthand website. Some say they are fascinated by shorthand. Today, Computers, Informatics, Technologies allow us to teach shorthand in a very pleasant way, with many sounds, images, videos, etc.
Below a list of some links to some exercise pages of my shorthand website "". This way you can have an idea of the pedagogic means I am using to make the teaching of shorthand more exciting, more interesting and more effective.

- Shorthand speed demo videos

- Shorthand Course/Lessons videos

- Reading shorthand texts

- Prayers in shorthand" target

- Songs in Shorthand

- Page dedicated to Short Forms (with written and oral exercices)

- Page of the Shorthand Course Online (Maron System)

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I am prof. Waldir Cury, a retired parliamentary reporter (Legislative Assembly - Rio de Janeiro / Brazil) and now a private shorthand teacher. Shorthand is a passion with me! I am really very enthusiastic about it! And I want everybody share my enthusiasm for that absolutely fantastic way of writing!

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