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A Shorthand Poem

by:Rita Lechance

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I received this poem from a special shorthand writer who belongs to the Shorthand PenPal Club in the state of Maine. Rita is a retired math teacher who also taught Gregg shorthand. MaineToday.com Morning Sentinel.

When viewing the shorthand, click once to enlarge the thumbnail, then click on the larger image once for easy reading. I know you will enjoy this meaningful poem and share it with others. A More Colorful Look.

Translation   "Little Things"  It's just the little things we do that makes us wealthy,  I have found a smile, a hug, or just a handshake.  These things make the world go 'round.
  A phone call or just a cheerful note to brighten someone's day,  and spending time with children as they learn and as they play.  It's not the fortune, or the fame,  It's not the way we dress.  It's not the people we meet;  all of this does not impress.  It's just the kindness that we show.  Forgiveness mixed with care and love.  It's just the little things we do, as God observes us from above.

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A Shorthand Poem