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The Gregg Shorthand PenPal Club

by:Ms. Letha Sanders

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Leave your email address and home mailing address so that Gregg newsletter viewers can grab your info and write you.

Here's an example of information to leave in the comments box for your future shorthand buddies:

Carl S. Smith
P. O. Box 1010
5555 Runaway Drive
Jasper, Connecticut 77763

Show the primary shorthand version of Gregg you use most often first.

You can also wait until someone emails you to give out your mailing address if preferred. As a safety measure, just meet at the realtime "Shout Box" location and type each other's address and then quickly delete it from the box. Register first, and then scroll down to the "Shout Box." Agree to meet each other here.

There is currently an active Shorthand PenPal Club in the state of Maine. I hope they become part of our Gregg Shorthand PenPal Club also.

Happy Pal-ing!

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The Gregg Shorthand PenPal Club