1.  Users
1.1 Guests and Anonymous Users.   Guests and anonymous users are not allowed inside ShorthandClasses.Com Moodle Shorthand parameters or its classrooms.   Only registered members can browse our shorthand catalogue, enter free courses and pay for classes.
1.2 Registered Users.   Registered Users are members who have chosen to create an individual account with ShorthandClasses.Com and their email address has been authenticated (a safe email for web and classroom use).  All Registered Users are given full access to participate in any activity from the Moodle Shorthand front page as well as access some of the free classrooms.  Some forums may require members to join a specific shorthand group which provides more privacy for gathered information and planning.  If a Registered User is interested, he/she has only to notify any site teacher, administrator or email

After authentication, some Registered Users may later realize they shouldn't have registered to this site.  The administrator regularly monitors new Registered Users and will send a "Welcome" email to clear up any questions they may have and/or delete the account upon a user's request.
1.3 Students.   Students are Registered Users who have enrolled in any class (free or paid) from the shorthand catalogue.   Students normally have expanded participation access to classes, forums, chatrooms, workshops, glossaries, databases, email rosters and various other activities enabling them to interact with their fellow classmates as often as desired.

If a student enrolls in a Shorthand Study Room (course), their student role upgrades to Teacher's Aid status.   Teacher Aid status allows the student to create needed study activites such as flashcards, slideshows, multiple-choice quiz rooms, voting polls, lesson reviews, etc.  Teacher's Aids can create their own (separate) study groups, give the group a personalized name and start creating a variety of progress logs and activities, progress logs or new creations can only be accessed through that private group.   Study groups can allow unlimited members to join their group.

Upon a student's request, permission is granted through the SCC Assessment Committee, to promote the Teacher Aid role to Teacher status for the Shorthand Study Room requested.   The Assessment Committee basis the promotion upon whether the Teacher Aid contributions have proven to be helpful to the shorthand community of users for that particular study room.   In other words, most Teacher Aid roles can qualify for a Teacher status within the study room they are already in simply by proving and exercising their knowledge of all activities created and used within that study room's course enabling that person to efficiently supervise and instruct others with their new study creations.

Lastly, all students are required to access shorthand classes either through the Paypal method, PayPal and Enroll Key method or, Enroll Key only.   Some teachers require a student to pay for their class using the PayPal link.  Some teachers require a student pay through the PayPal link and when they receive their enrollment confirmation email (enroll key given), the student accesses the class after entering the key.   Finally, some teachers only require entry with the Enroll Key for tutoring sessions.

NOTE:  If any teacher asks you to pay for a course through any other means other than through ShorthandClasses.Com website (i.e. PayPal directly to a teacher's email address or snail mail...), please report the teacher's abuse immediately to   Teachers offering courses from SCC website have agreed to pay a small rental fee for the space they and their students use (assignments, uploads, workshops, drawings, games, grades...).
1.4 Parents.   Parents who wish to review or monitor the progress of their child's classes (activities, grades...), can do so by simply requesting a Parent's Role.   Each time the parent logs in, an automatic link to their student's website panel can conveniently be accessed from the front page.  Parents can freely send messages to their children as well as take courses as a Student status themselves.

NOTE:  It's not a rightful act for parents to log in using their child's account to help them with their homework or do it for them. Parents who wish to honestly monitor their child's progress must agree to an Acceptable Use Policy that stipulates parents may only access their child's course through the link in the Mentee block. Parents must agree to the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) as a condition of being assigned the Parent role.

1.5 Teacher Aid.   Teacher's Aid roles are permitted within any Shorthand Study Room course.   Study rooms are locked with an enrollment key to prevent non-serious, Registered Users from entering.   Many users register simply because they want to see what's on the other side of the login screen; others because they're click-happy individuals and don't really wish to learn or experience the shorthand world of users.

1.6 Teacher.   Teacher roles have the greatest access next to Administrator.  They can change classroom settings, reorganize work-groups, reassign students, schedule tutor sessions, review student activity logs, change grading scales, prepare assignments, administer tests, add or remove students to their course and much more.

If you're interested in teaching from ShorthandClasses.Com, just email the Administrator, Ms. Letha, at   Once registered, you'll be sent 3 invisible classrooms to work with.  Take as long as you need to create your class layout with images, links, static resources, interactive material, etc...   If you have questions or need help with building your course, send Ms. Letha Sanders an email for assistance.

When you feel your classroom is ready for the public, the ShorthandClasses.Com Assessment Committee will promptly review your content.  Reviewing your classroom content does not guarantee your class will be made visible from ShorthandClasses.Com for public viewing, access and enrollment.

NOTE:  If an unenrolled Registered User requests a special one-on-one tutoring session, agree to meet in one of the free Shorthand Study Rooms are in an empty classroom.  Never allow a Registered User to enter your classroom with paying first.  If an enrolled student requests to be tutored, schedule a day/time on the calendar and meet them in the classroom's chat area, use the convenience of instant messaging (IM) or teleconferencing feature from within the classroom.

1.7 Users Responsibility and Conduct.   Working together to enter an enjoyable and pleasant classroom environment keeps us coming back for more helpful information and learning time.  We can do this by being knowledgeable of what things are acceptable for all members:

1.7.1 Friendliness.   Be polite, tactful and considerate to everyone.  There is an avenue of politeness even when you disagree with another poster.  Debate and disagreements are fine; just keep it as nice and tactful as you can without hurting someone elses feelings.  

1.7.2 Opinions.   It's healthy to have an opinion in a debate which contributes to a topic, please be considerate to others in the way you put your opinions across.   There are many different ways to say the same thing without offending.

Abusive/Malicious opinions can offend; your account could be removed or you can be dis-enrolled from your course.  If a poster is "harsh" from within any forum, do not reply to their post.  Rather, notify your moderator, teacher or administrator who will handle matters for you.  

1.7.3 Fairness.   It's fair for us to inform members that your account could be prematurely removed without notice! Members who wish to raise personal disputes on our site or within our classrooms, will have their account removed.

It's fair to inform members that disrespect towards other members or staff will result in your account being removed.   It's a member's responsibility to read over our terms and conditions to prevent disappointment.  

1.7.4 Offensive Content - Take Action.   For illegal or offensive content, please email the administrator at All reports received will remain anonymous, confidential and help to keep our classroom environments legal and within the law.   You can also use the message feature from your profile webpages to contact your teacher or administrator. If they're not online, they'll receive an outside email.  

1.7.5 Authority.   Decisions of moderators, educators and administrators are final.

1.7.6 Communications.   Currently, all communications must be typed in the English language.   It is possible that foreign language conversions may be offered in the future.   When available, the announcement will be posted to the appropriate announcement study rooms, classrooms or forums.  

1.7.7 Quotations.   When quoting a person or information, please give the source and a link when possible.

1.7.8 Policy Violation.   Any and all creations or converstions on the SCC Moodle Shorthand Site or within any of its classroom environment pages is bound by ShorthandClasses.Com Website and/or Classroom Policies. Violation of any SCC Policy item is warranted reason for removing any user.

1.7.9 Agreements.   Please read our Terms and Conditions Agreement and Privacy Agreement, as these also effect your account status and contributions.

ShorthandClasses.Com website and classroom learning environments are fair and governed by our Terms and Conditions and guidelines.   These are in place to help us keep our website and classrooms free of spam, unnecessary arguments, personal disputes, etc...   Yet, enable members to enjoy our classroom learning environments without prejudice.

2.  Links
Our site contains links to third party websites that are not subject to this privacy policy. Read our Terms and Conditions for further information on these links. We strongly recommend that you read the privacy policy of any such websites that you visit.

3.  Security Policy
We use reasonable precautions to keep the information disclosed to us secure. However, we cannot guarantee the security of the information that you disclose to us. You accept the inherent risks of providing information and dealing on-line and will not hold us responsible for any breach of security unless this is due to our negligence or willful default.

4.  Changes
We will let you know what these changes are by posting them to this page, but it is your responsibility as a user to make sure that you are aware of them, by checking for any changes on a regular basis. Changes will become effective as soon as they are posted.

5.  Conclusion
In closing, we hope you'll enjoy your time here and feel confident that your educators are supervising the classroom environments with the greatest care and interests on your behalf.

We know you'll enjoy your courses, the classroom activities, making new friends and finding the help you need for your shorthand growth.   Thank you for using ShorthandClasses.Com.

For questions, comments or more information, please feel free to Contact Us